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Did you know that the body has approximately 620 muscles? Could your body and its 620 muscles benefit from a massage? Gift Certificates are available.

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What to expect with your first visit? Mary Kathryn or Melody will ask you about your aches, pains, and medical conditions.

How will I feel after the massage? Having personally benefited from my mother's massage therapy, and reflexology, I can tell you first-hand that you will feel wonderful after a massage and/or reflexology. She gets the kinks out, and really works on getting rid of the knots of stress in your body. I have asthma and breathe so much better when she works on my back and/or does reflexology on my feet.

After she massages me, I feel totally relaxed. . rejuvinated. . healthier. . and totally in touch with my body. Stress has always made my asthma worse so by endulging in a massage from my mother, I am a different person and feel so much better.

Call for an appointment today. We are located in Lexington (very near downtown) (336) 249-7800; and north High Point (336) 420-2120. Gift certificates are available.

Alternative Medicine: Please remember that massage is considered alternative medicine and that we are by no means saying that one massage will cure any one disease, but it helps a tremendous amount in dealing with the stress, or pain that is associated with what your condition might be. We do suggest however to help your body help itself.

Mary Kathryn & Melody's Massage Therapy. Thank you for visiting our web-site. We look forward to helping your therapeutic needs!

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Home | Biography | Events | Office Photos | Services | What to Expect